Making HIV cure work: impact on quality of life, risk behavior, and the Dutch epidemic

HIV cure clinical trials are ongoing. When an HIV cure becomes available, it will have major consequences both for the lives of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and for the transmission of HIV at the population level. This study aims to estimate the expected impact of HIV cure on the quality of life, sexual behavior and preventive measures of PLHIV and people at risk of HIV acquisition, and will quantify the impact of cure on the Dutch epidemic. This will be achieved by conducting in-depth interviews and a survey among PLHIV and those at risk within two existing cohort studies. The collected data will be used to model the potential impact of HIV cure on the number of new HIV infections in the Netherlands.

Prospects of HIV elimination among Dutch MSM by targeted screening for acute HIV infection, partner notification, and immediate ART initiation

The HIV epidemic in men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Netherlands is ongoing, and early diagnosis and identifying those unaware of their infection are essential for eliminating HIV in MSM. This study aims to provide guidance on the national implementation of targeted screening and immediate ART initiation for acute and early HIV infection (AEHI) – a feasible and effective strategy as recently demonstrated by the H-TEAM initiative among MSM in Amsterdam. Through mathematical modelling and analysis of existing data, we will evaluate the potential effectiveness of this intervention and of the contribution of partner notification services (PNS) offered to MSM with AEHI in achieving HIV elimination. The project findings will be formulated in a strategic report on the national implementation of these interventions.

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